Beginning in 1960, Redken revolutionised the professional salon business by introducing the concept of protein reconditioning.

Based on evidence that your hair is composed primarily of proteins, and can absorb typically applied proteins, Redken developed new protein based products. Allowing salons to ensure they were conditioning the hair internally and for the long term rather than solely to camouflage damage.

Holding over 60 patents on products and ingredients, Redken proves;

"our commitment to formulate scientifically superior products for the global salon community continues and as we forge ahead in the millennium, our awareness of fashion, street trends and modern hair needs will only enhance our scientific strength."

Redken's nutritious ranges cater for both men and women, targeting the needs of every hair type. Their deep penetrating formulas have the ability to transform even the driest and most damaged hair, leaving it feeling replenished and manageable.

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An established exclusive partner to professional hairdressers for over 60 years now, Goldwell is a firm favourite and allows us to continually benefit from its experience, know how and passion driven through all Goldwell products. We thrive of its use of intelligent products and innovative technologies that deliver optimum results coupled with the best possible care for the hair.

Meaning you can discover endless possibilities of colour choice with us from the mild to the extreme!

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